10 Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android

Finding the best free video editing apps for android? So, you are in the right place. Here are the top 10 best video editing apps for android that are free to use and some of them are without watermark.

Smartphones are taking the place of computers. Just like that, video editing applications for android are improving day by day. They are easy to use as well as beginner-friendly also. These tiny editors are not that much powerful like PC ones but, it does works like charm.

Best Video Editing Apps 2021

Mobile editors are evolving and giving many features which we only see before in computers. If you are the one who likes to edit videos from smartphones and looking for a free video editing app for android device, then you’ll like these apps which i listed below.

The applications which are mentioned below are ordered according to their specifications and reviews. They are both paid and free video editing apps. So, if you want to take extra benefits from it, you can make in-app purchases through it.

Top 10 FREE Video Editing Apps For Android

10. Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop - Video Editor

Videoshop – Video Editor is a simple and clean video editing app that provides numerous features in the small size app. The main feature is that it is very user-friendly. Videoshop allows you to make a video right from the app using the camera and share it directly through it.

This app has some good feature which includes trimming of video, merge them into one or slow down a video. All things are done with ease. You can add text and sound into a video and sets impressive Instagram lookalike filters. This app has also animated title feature which looks good in a video. You can add many transitions to enhance your video. It provides good sound effects like explosions, animal sounds, etc.

The best feature of this app is that you can merge two or many video clips into one. This app is super lightweight and easy to use. You will definitely love the interface of this app. However, this is in 10th place does not mean its not good. This is also the best free video editing app for android.

Main Features

  • You can add Filters
  • Do Voiceovers
  • Crop both Images and Videos
  • Trim Videos
  • Stock Library Music
  • Stop Motion
  • High-Resolution Videos
  • Many Features
  • Frequently updates
  • Takes less time to save
  • Lack of guide
  • Sometimes confusing

9. Funimate: Video Editor

Funimate: Video Editor

This Video editor will more likes by those who use TikTok mostly. Because its effects are something like that. Funimate is not over the powerful but yet good editor. Funimate is a fun video editor app for those who want to edit videos more like a musical, fan edit videos, Lip-sync videos, etc.

Funimate is made especially for beginners who just want to edit videos for fun. Although anyone who wants to edit video can use it. The simple guide will show you directions at starting.

Funimate offers the best quality animations and video effects. You can create cool videos and share them directly on TikTok, Musically, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Main Features

  • Add Cool Video Effects
  • Create your own effects
  • Add Text, emoji & stickers
  • Merge, cut & trim Videos
  • Crop and Short videos
  • Make Community
  • Share videos Privately
  • Good Effects
  • Easy to use
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Sometimes Crashes
  • Little glitchy sometimes

8. AndroVid – Video Editor

AndroVid - Video Editor

AndroVid is easy to use, full-featured video editing app for youtube, TikTok and many other social media platforms. AndroVid is more looks like a Tool rather than a normal video editor but, its simple to use. You can get many features in the app. One of the good things is that you can make Mp3 from videos.

The Good and Main feature of the app is that you can trim and cut videos fast without quality loss with no re-encoding for fast cutting. Also, you can export the video as the same quality as the original video. You can delete the unwanted middle parts of your videos through this editor. Also, split videos into two parts.

AndroVid Provides Speed Changer function which able to slow or fast videos. You can add a Fast Motion effect and a Slow Motion effect. It is a free video transcoder app that gives you the freedom to convert your videos to any format. Supporting formats are GIF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV, and VOB.

Main Features

  • Draw on Video
  • Video FX App
  • Video Filters and Effects
  • Video to Mp3
  • Video Rotate
  • Reverse and Speed Change
  • Frame Grabber
  • Easy to use
  • It Compresses your Videos
  • Great resolution after edit
  • Sometimes not saving
  • Crashes a bit

7. Viva Video – Video Editor

Viva Video - Video Editor

Viva Video has a lot of impressive features for video editing on a smartphone. This app is designed to give you professional-quality video edits straight from your phone. It covers many user-friendly effects and many filters to ensures you do not look bad on any conditions.

Viva Video offers plenty of features that are copy, cut, paste, merge and more. You can make music videos from images and also make videos longer. It has an inbuilt slow-motion video maker. In Viva Video you can add music to videos, combine videos with music and make your own music videos.

It offers true text on Video with proper styling functions. Viva Video has inbuilt effects and transitions for slideshows which can be changed according to songs or music. Sharing videos is easy on this app.

Main Features

  • Blur Video Editor
  • Add music to Video
  • Video Effects Editor
  • Save up to 4k
  • Professional Editor
  • Image Slideshow
  • Combine Video clips
  • Simple to use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Great design
  • Some Glitches
  • Saving problem rarely

6. Quik – Free Video Editor

Quik - Free Video Editor

Quik is a simple and sober, smart video editor made by GoPro. The Main Highlight of this app is that it is completely free for use. It does not have any ads or in-app purchases which are problematic sometimes. This thing was great, I appreciate that. This is video editing app free.

With this video editing application, you can make awesome videos with just a few taps. The limit of adding photos and videos on that app at a time is 75 max. But, that is sufficient. This is GoPro Product so you have benefits of directly gets data from GoPro footages.

You can choose from 23 inbuilt themes, each with different transitions. Quik offers 100 free songs by default or you can choose your own from storage. The design of the app was very simple. Feels like the normal stock editor of any smartphone but yet powerful.

Main Features

  • Easily reorder
  • Transitions auto-sync
  • Save draft videos
  • 60fps saving support
  • works on GoPro app
  • GoPro Camera Compatible
  • No watermarks
  • Simple to use
  • Easily Understandable
  • GoPro Camera Compatible
  • Rare Crashes
  • Glitchy on load

5. Power Director – Video Editor

Power Director - Video Editor

Power Director is a Fully functional android video editor. It has a beginner-friendly interface. You can create professional videos within minutes by this android app. Power Director is a Professional yet easy video editor android.

Using the Power Director video editor you can create awesome Green Screen effect videos. This apps has exciting features which are 400+ video templates, adjust effects, cut, trim, paste, merge, etc. These things are drag and drop customizable.

The main feature of this app is that it fixes shaky videos with video stabilizer. You can add voiceovers for youtube videos or any other videos easily with this android app. Power Director also comes with tutorial videos for easy learning and Most of the features are available on its free version. But Watermark is presented there. You have to purchase a Pro version for removing the watermark.

Main Features

  • video stabilizer
  • Fast forward
  • Upload Directly on Youtube
  • Fully compatible with Chromebooks
  • Export up to 4k
  • chroma key
  • Combine Pictures and videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Export 4k with Hardware support
  • 400+ Free Templates
  • Watermark in Free version
  • Freezes rarely

4. KineMaster – Video Editor

KineMaster - Video Editor

The First thing I will tell you, the interface of Kinemaster is at another level. I mean it’s extremely good. You’ll just like it. Rest is the feature of Kinemaster is also Good as compared to other video editors. Kinemaster is a combination of a good design interface along with powerful features.

Kinemaster is not very beginner-friendly but once you have been used it, then it becomes easy to understand. The interface is Professional quality. It has the same drag and drops function which others offer. The good thing about kinemaster is that it supports the keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers.

But, Just like other kinemaster have Watermark in the free version and you have to purchase a Professional edition of the app to remove the watermark. Professional edition not only removes the watermark but also enables many other features.

Main Features

  • Multiple layers of videos can be combined
  • Instant preview feature
  • Blending modes
  • Reverse your videos
  • Assets store updated weekly
  • Pro Audio Tools
  • Volume control from moment to moment
  • 1000+ Assets
  • EQ Presets
  • Keyframe animation tool
  • Takes much time to save
  • Sometimes gives errors on export

3. Inshot – Video Editor

Inshot - Video Editor

Inshot is a Simple basic video editor with a clean interface. Inshot is light and fast to use. Although it does have ads in the app but they dont give Watermark. Inshot is a Pro android editing app that gives features of trimming, cutting and cropping videos.

Inshot offers zoom in/out function. With inshot, you can easily do all the things which I mentioned above within minutes because of its superfast nature. Most especially it is beginner-friendly. It has 1000+ stickers to choose from.

Inshot is the best android video editor app because it offers many features even it is free and with that much performance which was flawless. It has many exciting tools which can be a plus point.

Main Features

  • Extract Audio from video
  • Freeze tool
  • Add Blank screen
  • Unique Filters
  • Fit in any Aspect Ratio
  • Add different borders and no crop
  • Custom Photo covers for videos
  • Has Many Features
  • Easy to use
  • No Watermark
  • Rare bugs
  • No transitions

2. Filmora GO – Video Editor

Filmora GO - Video Editor

Filmora Go is a famous video editor. It has many stylish themes to edit right from the way. You can add music from filmora’s stock music library. It can exports video in 1:1 ratio and old 16:9 formats. It can play videos in reverse and also slow/fast videos.

Filmora Go has some in-app purchases but they dont give watermark in the free version. Which is good. This video editor is simple and easy to use. You can make many videos without any hassle, all because of this light and blazing fast app.

It gives beautiful titles and text with quick instant preview. The main features are available in the free version which is great. Filmora offers a professional class video editing experience on a smartphone. That is why it is the best video editor available for android.

Main Features

  • 1:1 support for Instagram
  • Licensed songs
  • Many stylish themes
  • Multiple fast and slow-motion in the same video
  • Reverse video
  • Elements – Motion Graphics
  • Animated Text
  • Easy and fast to edit
  • Preview Clips Realtime
  • Mix Photo and Video
  • No Draft
  • Lags sometimes

1. YouCut – Video Editor

YouCut - Video Editor

YouCut is the best video editor and video maker tool present in Google play. It is free of Watermark and has some good features. It is free yet not provides any banner ads. Just like other this app also has some features like cut, trim, slice, paste, speed controls, multi track, text effect, etc. YouCut is made by the same who made Inshot Video editor.

It’s been very easy to do basic stuff and make beautiful videos. It is the most user-friendly video editor ever. Even if you have low specs device, it runs very smoothly. Thanks to the team who make this extremely lightweight app.

This is one of the easiest and most brilliant video editing apps out there. The best feature is that it has a simple slide bar that gives options for editing a video. Also, it is very good at rendering and final performance. This is the best video editing app for android available right now. You’ll definitely like it. Just Give it a try.

Main Features

  • Free featured music by YouCut
  • Time-lapse video
  • Video FX
  • Colour Adjust
  • No crop Video Maker
  • Change Video Background
  • Zoom in/out video
  • Easiest Video Editor
  • Great Performance
  • Many features
  • One draft at a time
  • Doesn’t support 4k


All the Applications listed above is Very Good. Each Application has its own pros and cons. You could make your own choice. Choose according to your Preference. Thank you for reading this post.

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